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Lance Burstyn Miami is one of the renowned businessamam in Real Estate business.Being the President at Krieger Watch Corporation, He started a new business with his step father and continue to work in both businesses.He split his time in such a way that both businesses done well under his guidance.
Google has made some interesting assumptions about my online habits, some of them way off the mark. What about you? A humorous article by Australian political journalist and commentator Annabel Crabb* highlighted Google’s clever/devious (depending on your take) method of scanning your Gmail activity to determine what advertising is displayed. Annabel’s experiment with this feature […]
CERN is marking the 30th anniversary of the publication of the document that made web technology free for everyone to use by commencing a project to restore the world’s first website (Sir) Tim Berners-Lee invented the web at CERN in 1989 and on 30 April 1993, CERN published a statement that made the basic technology […]
Don’t do it. Don’t let your advertisers do it either.It was 5.15am and my body was processing its first cup of coffee for the day. The house was quiet. I opened up a few browser windows to view some news items. It’s one of the things I love about the web – reading news stories […]
Today Ken McArthur launches a major reference for the internet marketing world - Information Product Blueprint. 
An Australian man with no previous career copywriting experience has found himself the center of attention after posting a rather unique classified ad.After engaging in what could be described as puffery to the nth degree; his ad for an old ute attracted over 200,000 views. Given it starts out like this, it’s little wonder it […]
I often get asked by fellow entrepreneurs, who are just starting out with a new product or service: "How should I start my affiliate program?"
Link building is certainly changing – as is who the link builders are. Back in the 90’s and even up until a few years ago, I used to spend a lot of time in building links; whether it be through directory submissions, article distribution and such – but steering clear of link spamming. However, even […]
Today is the day that ICANN released the list of applicants for over 1900 new top level domains.

It's the gold rush all over again.

Some of these applicants will secure some juicy generic domains e.g. .software and in order to support the $185,000 fee PER TLD do you think they'll make it back selling domains with those TLD's?

Heck yeah.

affiliate domains tld frenzy software

But this poses a problem and for some an opportunity...

For example, let's say you're a small software company selling financial data tools.
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With the following new TLD's: .software, .data, .finance, .financial, .store, .ecom you will probably be in a panic to get domains like:




and on and on...

Grabbing your brand domains should not be such an issue, as there are processes in place to support trademark and brand protection of domain names.

But just imagine the combinations of domains that you'll need to monitor as merchants, affiliates, domainers, and competitors jump into the frenzy for the generic domains, which pretty well anyone with a credit card will be able to register.

If you are wanting to look through the applications more easily, and by keyword, I suggest you check out this search page on the ICANN site.

Is it madness? Well, there are 2 applications for ".lol", 3 applications for ".dog" and one for ".wtf"- go figure :)

The next steps will be a review of the applications, time for public comment, and in early 2013 expect to see the gold rush begin.

So there's no need to panic, but it would be a good time for you to think of the keywords related to your brand and product/service, and keep an eye out for the domains you want to purchase, in case some of the TLD's related to you get approved and they start selling domains.
The definition of native advertising will depend on who you ask – but here’s a stab at putting an explanation to the label.Put in the simplest of terms; it’s content running on a publisher platform promoting an advertiser that blends in with that site’s ecosystem. The “ad” is usually wrapped in a story or some […]
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